Ky Safe Schools Week Pledge

Healthy Habits Safety Pledge

During this time of transition, developing healthy habits are necessary for student safety. The Healthy Habits Safety Pledge includes safety steps for students whether they are virtual or face-to-face. Incorporating healthy practices daily, such as wearing masks, washing hands, social distancing and being kind (both in person and online). These practices can become healthy habits as schools continue to strive for academic excellence and provide a safer place to learn.

I will pledge to do my part to Shield our School by: (check if you agree)

I’ll mask up and cover my face, when I’m in a public place.
Frequently,  I’ll wash my hands, which keep them clean, that’s my plan.
I’ll keep space between others and me, to help us stay germ-free.
I’ll be extra kind everyplace, virtual school and face-to-face.
I’ll consider others as I learn, everyone deserves their turn.


First Name:
Last Name:


  Above 19