Alternative Education

Kentucky School Report Card 2022-2023 – Spreadsheet listing alternative schools in Kentucky. The spreadsheet contains the district name, school name, school type, total count, and grade level count. 

KECSAC is a statewide collaborative that works with state agencies, school districts and local programs to ensure that state agency children receive a quality education comparable to all Kentucky students.

School Districts & Programs Serving State Agency Children

KY Department of Education – Alternative education programs (AEPs) are special programs designed to provide remediation, acceleration or unique learning opportunities that would not otherwise be available to students in the traditional school setting. The guidance document includes an introduction, 704 KAR 19:002: Alternative Education Programs, and considerations.

A Practice Guide by the National Dropout Prevention Center – In Effective Strategies for Alternative School Improvement, the National Dropout Prevention Center offers a workable practice guide that school, district, and state leaders can use to analyze, modify, and improve their alternative schools, both to better serve their most at-risk students and to significantly improve graduation outcomes.

In order to maintain a listing of current model programs for dropout prevention, the National Dropout Prevention Center has created a database of research-based programs and information. The Model Programs Database is a searchable database of research-based programs and information. The database is available for schools, organizations, and other programs to review for opportunities to implement specific model programs, to enhance existing programs, or for inspiration on creating new initiatives for dropout prevention, intervention, or reentry/recovery. The rating scale for the programs selected for the database of Model Programs is based on the evaluation literature of specific prevention, intervention, and recovery programs.

National Dropout Prevention Center – NDPC has identified 15 Effective Strategies that have the most positive impact on reducing school dropout. These strategies appear to be independent, but actually work well together and frequently overlap. Although they can be implemented as stand-alone strategies, positive outcomes will result when school districts or other agencies develop program improvement plans that encompass most or all of these strategies. These strategies have been successful at all school levels from PK 12 and in rural, suburban, and urban settings. These strategies are grouped into four general categories: Foundational strategies (school-community perspective), early interventions, basic core strategies, and managing and improving instruction.