Emergency Procedures

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Be Prepared

More so now than ever before, schools are faced with ongoing challenges. They must be prepared for a wide-range of emergency situations from natural disasters to threats of violence.

School emergencies are unexpected, unpredictable, and can take many forms. When developing school safety plans, Emergency Response Teams develop protocols to address threats or hazards specific to their school.

The guides and resources included in this section are intended to provide an effective, uniform response to emergencies and disasters while also providing individual districts and schools to customize procedures to their specific environment.

Safety Requirements for Schools

The Kentucky Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Checklist for school construction is to be used in compliance with KRS 158.447.  This is now a part of the BG-1 process. It is designed to create open discussion among school district officials, board member and licensed design professionals (aka architects) when they begin planning for new construction or renovation projects in a school district.

State School Security Marshal and Senate Bill 1 Updates

Senate Bill 1 Assessment Tool

Safe Schools Planning Calendar by Month

Laws regulations affecting schools