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Join the Celebration in your School, Town and County!

Get your community involved! Promote Kentucky Safe Schools Week in your area — in the newspaper, on the radio, on your school website. There’s no limit!

Don’t forget to check out our Safe Schools Week Resources for Educators page where we include lessons, PowerPoints, videos, resources and more.

KY Safe Schools Week promotional materials community
In the press, on the air, and online

Community Promotion

KY Safe Schools Week Toolkit and Daily Announcements

Ky Center for School Safety is proud to provide this Kentucky Safe Schools Week Toolkit. The toolkit details the resources available online for your school to participate in Ky Safe School Week. This school year is extraordinary in so many ways, hopefully the resources/materials provided (and the campaign itself), reflects current need as we work together to ensure a healthy in-school and online learning environment. You will find lessons, videos, posters, scenarios, interactive websites and the “Create a Ripple Effect” Pledge.

KY Safe Schools Week Toolkit

Use during KY Safe Schools Week and throughout the year

Classroom Lessons and Handouts

Activities, lessons and handouts located in the
Promotional materials

Logos and Posters

Resources to include in your lessons or planning for creating a safer environment in your school.

Educators, Students and Parents, and Community

KCSS SSW 22 Ripple Pledge Section-Helping Others
KCSS SSW 22 Ripple Pledge Section-Treating Others
KCSS SSW 22 Ripple Pledge Section-School Safety Rules
KCSS SSW 22 Ripple Pledge Section-Saying Something