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SRO Brittani Price Mason County Sheriff

I have attached a few pictures of myself interacting with students. As you can see in the last picture of a Facebook screenshot, I was involved in helping deliver yard signs for the 2020 graduating seniors. This was implemented due to COVID-19. It was a way for us to recognize our seniors since we weren’t actually in school to do so. With the COVID pandemic, it seems like I have been doing a lot of home visits with our Director of Pupil Personnel. We are going door-to-door checking on our virtual learning students. Making sure they have everything they need to complete their assignments; i.e. a Chromebook, a hotspot, any sort of paper worksheets or textbooks. We are also checking on their mental health; it seems like social development has been slipping for online students. So, when the students see someone familiar from their school, they really perk up! For the students doing in-person learning, I have been focused on building trust and relationships.

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