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From the desk of Jon Akers, Executive Director of Kentucky Center for School Safety

Below are four documents that I said I would be providing following our SSC update training and/SSC initial training.

They are:

  1. Suicide Prevention Tool kit— This will provide you with helpful information to share with principals when planning for their teachers’ required annual update training on suicide prevention as well as useful information when planning suicide prevention lessons for their students.  You’ll find there is a listing of options for your principal to choose from…Good, Better and Best suggestions. If you or your principals are confused by any of this, simply scroll to the down of this attachment and find your closest Regional Prevention Center director and ask for assistance.
  • Lockdown Basic Discussion Principles—  This document contains a series of topics for your principals to consider discussing when reviewing a school’s lockdown protocols with their local first responders.
  • Elementary Schools Lockdown Workbook—This attachment/workbook should be in every elementary teachers hands.  This describes ways of conducting lockdown practices without traumatizing our elementary-age children.
  • Human Trafficking (a family safety guide)— Human Trafficking is occurring at high rates of frequency across our country.  Studies find our school age kids being victimized.  This  attachment provides school staff members with “warning signs” of Human Trafficking victims and a host of important information. I believe each teacher ought to have a copy of this brochure.

Listed below are three links that I mentioned during our SSC trainings: two age-appropriate videos instructing students how to access and use the State STOP Tipline and a link for relating to bus safety (which was produced in Indiana which we feel has some good information for our districts to consider.)

If you need more STOP Tipline posters, please email Jennifer Taylor at

If you need anything else as you prepare for the opening of school, please feel free to contact me.

Thanks for being your school district’s School Safety Director…your job is critically important!!!

Best regards,