Lincoln County Middle School 8th Graders Support SROs

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Lincoln County Middle School

Lincoln County Middle School eighth graders write letters expressing appreciation for their school resource officer. Below are excerpts from their letters:

“These officers (SROs) have many protocols and procedures in place for any type of situation that might occur. They also have years of experience and training which makes them prepared for any situation that might go down in the school place. Personally, this makes me feel really safe when we have a trained SRO in our school if anything goes wrong, and I hope it is the same for you. These officers are great role models and protectors for all the students in the school. Please be thankful and appreciative of your SRO if you have one, and thank them for their service.” –S.R.

 “SROs help keep our schools safe in many ways, such as them being present when students are switching classes, and during the students’ lunch. Anything can happen at or in a school building, and you need someone to prevent any dangerous things that could happen. If we didn’t have school resource officers, our school or any school, would be unprotected and vulnerable from threats from outside and even inside. — A.C.

 “Student Resource Officers can be really helpful in any kind of environment, even in a school environment. The officers are there to help you in any kind of situation. Therefore, schools should have an SRO to help protect the student and provide safety to everyone inside and outside the school.”–H.M.

 “School resource officers offer protection to interior and exterior threats. They are able to stop potential threats from entering the building. With those that are already in the building, they are trained to be able to stop them. Student resource officers must be well trained to have the role.” –T.S.

“SRO officers do the tasks that other school staff can not do. They handle the student’s protection and safety. If you took away SRO officers, I believe we would lose someone that helps students with their struggles and we would also lose a role model as well.”–O.C.

 “School Resource Officers make sure you are safe when attending school. Every school should have a resource officer because in a time of need at school, the resource officer is always there to help you.”–G.F.

   “SRO’s are there to help keep the school building safer and to protect students and staff from all the threats that can happen in the school while it’s occupied.”–R.H.

“We should have SRO’s in all schools is because there are no downsides to having one, only positives. They are specialized to keep schools safe from outside and inside threats and to calm situations down. They also can help kids in many ways, such as befriending them or mentoring them, if they need help.”–J.S.

“SRO´s, thank you for helping secure our school and keeping us safe.”–J.H.