KCSS Online Training Series for School Based Law Enforcement

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KCSS Online Training Series for School Based Law Enforcement

KCSS Online Training Series for School Based Law Enforcement


School administrators are welcome to attend sessions. EILA credit will be offered.




If you register for a course in Session 1, you will not need to register for the same course in Session 2. Session 2 Courses are offered at an alternate date for your convenience.

School Resource Officer Orientation Ben Wilcox
Robert Carter
Deanna Ashby
Tuesday, January 26
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Thursday, February 11
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Building Effective Relationships Robert Carter
Deanna Ashby
Tuesday, February 2
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Thursday, March 4
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Search and Seizure in Schools Deanna Ashby
Robert Carter
Thursday, March 18
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Thursday, April 1
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SB1 and SB8 – What are they all about Ben Wilcox
Jon Akers
Thursday, January 28
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Thursday, March 11
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Cyber Security in a Virtual Learning Environment Drew Taylor Tuesday, February 16
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Tuesday, March 23
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Each Session will be from 4:00-6:00 PM EST

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School Resource Officer Orientation
Highlights best practices and discusses: legal issues, roles and responsibilities, and school safety.  The two hour orientation is intended for newly assigned SROs, who have not yet attended Basic SRO Training or seasoned SROs who are looking for ways to support and enhance their programs. This training will provide School Resource Officers with important information about School Based Policing.  It will also provide an opportunity for new SROs to interact with the presenter who is a veteran School Resource Officer, and other participants. This training is a good supplement for school resource officers who have already attended Basic SRO in-service training or have not yet scheduled that training. NOTE: This does not take the place of the 40 hour basic and advanced SRO training offered by DOCJT.

Building Effective Relationships
With the deterioration of family units across the nation, greater responsibilities are being placed on schools and communities to provide stability and opportunities for success of our children. School safety is a foundational building block that must be maintained. Currently, school safety practices and protocols are changing at warp speed.  In this session, participants will be presented information to help build, support, and sustain relationships (SRO/SCHOOL). The presenters will use tabletop exercises to identify the roles and responsibilities of team members. In addition, key points of working together will be addressed with a concentration on both successes and failures.  At the successful completion of this training, each team member will have a greater understanding and appreciation of building, supporting, or sustaining the RELATIONSHIP.

Search and Seizure in Schools
To Search, or Not to Search??? That is the question. (Schools Resource Officers / Search and Seizure)

Highlights common concerns and issues regarding search and seizure in the school community. It is necessary to understand the fourth amendment and how it applies to school officials and our student population. This training will provide both School Resource Officers and School Administrators with critical tools that will assist in the decision making process. It will also provide information concerning the importance of SRO training and the designation of the SRO assignment. This training will generate healthy discussion in an effort to assist all team members who are responsible for school safety.

SB1 and SB8 – What are they all about
The presentation will include updates from Jon Akers, Executive Director of The Kentucky Center for School Safety and Ben Wilcox, State School Security Marshal regarding the implementation of the School Safety and Resiliency Act. The presentation will focus on the creation of the Bill.  How the bill effects School Resources Officers and required training. And How School Resource Officers can assist with the annual School Marshals Office risk assessment.

Cyber Security in a Virtual Learning Environment
Technology is rapidly changing for K-12 students, staff, and SRO’s more than ever. Cyber security, student and staff privacy, legal concerns, and other technology security practices are necessities. The speaker will discuss challenges, solutions, and best practices for cyber security, along with a variety of K-12 specific security topics from a school district perspective.


Jon Akers
Jon Akers has served as the Executive Director for the Kentucky Center for School Safety since his appointment in December of 2000. He has 44 years of experience in public education, which includes: teaching Civics at Winburn Junior High School in the Fayette County Schools (1970-75); serving as the Associate Principal at Lexington Junior High School (1975-81) followed by Bryan Station High School serving as the principal of Bryan Station High School until 1989 and then Paul Laurence Dunbar High School 1989-99.

Since 1999, Jon has served as a Kentucky Leadership Academy coach (mentoring 40 principals) and Scholastic Auditor for the Kentucky Department of Education. He is also a national trainer of Emergency Management for the United States Department of Education. A few of his awards and recognition include: Administrator of the Year (1993), Outstanding Teacher Award (1995), Distinguished Educator (1996) and 1998 High School Principal of the Year awarded by the Kentucky Department of Education. Jon has also served as an expert witness on school safety practices for four lawsuits assisting local boards of education.

Education is and always has been a passion for Jon’s entire family. His wife, Lyn, is a retired teacher and school counselor. His eldest son, Rob, is currently the principal of Woodford County High School and a former English teacher and his youngest son, David, was a 6th-Grade Science teacher before beginning his 15 year career in the NFL. Jon and Lyn are the proud grandparents of four precious grandchildren.

Deanna Ashby
Deanna Ashby is Superintendent in Hopkins County Schools, KY, Sees education as her mission field. After working in public schools for 28 years, she believes education is a calling that can have a huge positive impact on the community as a whole. That’s obvious through her emphasis on Team Hopkins – One Team, One Mission, One Community.

Deanna has served as a high school business teacher, guidance counselor, school principal, and district administrator, all in Hopkins County Schools. She is the educational consultant on the Kentucky Association of School Resource officers board, serves on the Commissioner of Education Superintendent Advisory Committee, and as a mentor for Kentucky for Kentucky Women in Educational Leadership and the Kentucky Association of School Administrators New Superintendent Onboarding Program. She holds a bachelor’s degree
in business education, master’s degree in secondary school guidance, Rank 1 in secondary guidance, principalship endorsements, and professional certificate for school superintendent, all from Western Kentucky University. She earned her Ed.D. in educational Leadership from Oakland City University.

Robert Carter
Robert Roosevelt Carter III is the Director of Engagement, Equity, and School Support with Hopkins County Schools’ and a retired Major of the Madisonville Police Department, in Madisonville Kentucky. During his 20 years of community service a vast amount of time has been spent on developing and delivering various types of curriculum for diverse audiences. Some of these audiences include; churches, schools, healthcare, politicians, law enforcement officers, and other groups.

Robert has a Bachelor of Science Degree from The University of Louisville, a Master of Science Degree from Oklahoma University, and continues to strive to leave individuals better than he finds them at their worst. He is dedicated to the work of the Lord, his family, and his friends.

As an Eagle Scout, Robert consciously strives to focus on the basic scouting principles of putting God first, others second, and self last.

Drew Taylor
Drew Taylor is the Chief Information Officer (CIO) with Hopkins County Schools. During his 15 years in Education Technology, in addition to CIO, he has worked as a Computer Technician, Helpdesk Specialist, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, and Technology Operations Manager. He has a passion for Cybersecurity and takes pride in being a leader with security in K-12 education. He also has IT experience at a global law firm and in healthcare.

Drew has a Bachelor of Science in Telecommunications Management and a Minor in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky. He believes that backgrounds in both IT and business give him a unique insight into many aspects of his job, and he always tries to help others around him be successful.

Ben Wilcox
Ben Wilcox is a 20-year law enforcement veteran that has spent most of his career training and educating police officers from across the Commonwealth of Kentucky.

Wilcox earned his bachelor’s degree in Police Studies in 1998 and his Masters in Occupational training in 2010. Wilcox began his law enforcement career in 1999 as deputy sheriff in Montgomery County Kentucky. Wilcox was assigned to the Montgomery County School District as the counties first School Resource Officer following the Columbine Killings.

In 2004, Wilcox was hired by the Department of Criminal Justice Training as a police instructor. In the past 15 years, he has worked as a vehicle operations, firearms, tactics, patrol and coordination section instructor. In 2018, he was promoted to the supervisor of the instructional design section.

As July 1, 2019, Mr. Wilcox has been appointed to the School Security Marshals positon. Mr. Wilcox will be responsible to ensure all local school districts comply with the School Safety and Resiliency Act.

Ben is married to his wife Angie, who is a school counselor; together they have two daughters Alexandria and Addison.

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