Back to School Safety Checklist

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Back to School Safety Checklist

This is a brief checklist of items to consider when “Preparing for Back to School.” It is not exhaustive.

Hopefully we at Kentucky Center for School Safety have heightened your awareness of items to address as Opening Day approaches, and if we can be of any assistance to you, please do not hesitate to contact our office.

Getting Back To School: The New Normal

Elementary School Lockdown Workbook

KCSS is excited to offer the Elementary School Lockdown Workbook; Suggestions and Ideas When Teaching Lockdown Practices to Elementary School Students.

Lockdowns and other safety drills are part of a comprehensive emergency preparedness plan. Each school engages in actions designed to mitigate loss in response to a safety threat.

Although the classroom teacher is best suited to develop specific lessons/instructions for his/her class, this workbook provides ideas and samples to assist in preparing that specific classroom plan.

Download Elementary School Lockdown Workbook

KCSS Flipchart App

Don’t forget about our free emergency procedures Flipchart App available on the App Store and Google Play. Simply type in “KCSS Flipchart” and download the app for free!

Download the KCSS Flipchart App Handout

Update Students and Staff Handbooks

(Review Policies Related to Safety Issues)

Update Emergency Management Manual

(Classified and Certified Staff)

Emergency Management Resource Guide

Download New School Safety Regulations Training Resources:

Training and Professional Development

Embed Specific Strategies and Curriculum Addressing Safety Issues

Check Safety Equipment

  • Check Safety Toolkits at District Office and in each School
  • Radios
  • Surveillance equipment
  • Flash lights (batteries)
  • First Aid Kits