A more normal end to the school year

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With most K-12 school personnel fully vaccinated and coronavirus cases falling across the state, Kentucky public schools have begun to resume somewhat normal operations.

Masks, social distancing and handwashing will continue to be a part of this school year, but by March 17 all of Kentucky’s 171 school districts had resumed in-person classes. The final restart, in Jefferson County Schools, came one year and one day after Kentucky public schools first ceased in-person instruction due to the spreading coronavirus.

“It’s been a long journey getting our kids back in the classroom,” said Superintendent Marty Pollio said at the close of the first day back. “Today was very special, it gets emotional when you see kids walking into our school buildings. You could feel the excitement in every classroom you went in.” 

While Jefferson County and a few other districts continued using a hybrid schedule through March, by the end of March, 155 of 171 Kentucky public districts were holding in-person instruction for all students four or five days a week. At least six more districts planned to resume that level of in-person instruction in early April after Spring Break.

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