Thursday September 24th 2020

Technical Training

Under the Safe Schools Act (HB330), the Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) is required to provide training and technical assistance to a wide range of audiences including school administrators, teachers, students, law enforcement, post-secondary educators, parents and community representatives.

KCSS Training Coordinator Dan Orman and Administrative Assistant Alicia Lombardi

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To reduce the enormity of the challenge, the KCSS has adopted a three-tiered Conceptual Framework which focuses on a multi-level strategy of positive, behavior support for all students by informing and directing the efforts of all faculty, staff, and students.

Three coordinated training and technical assistance initiatives have been undertaken by the KCSS directed toward specific targeted audiences: schools and communities, post-secondary education and justice/law enforcement. Ongoing needs assessments highlight specific technical assistance needs and provide direction for training and technical assistance which may be addressed through on-site or distance learning opportunities.

Trainings Available

The Choking Game:

We educate our kids about all kinds of things that hurt them and yet they never hear about the dangers of the potentially deadly "choking game." This powerful training unveils the damage caused by this activity and provides life-saving information for parents and educators. When we equip our children, parents and educators with the facts of this "game," we stand a much better chance of stopping it.

Prescription Drug Use:

Drug abuse rates have been going down in all categories including tobacco and alcohol. That is the good news. The bad news is that Prescription and Over the Counter Medicine abuse rates are through the roof. What brought us to this point? What does the law say? Why are kids abusing these potentially deadly substances? And, what can we do about it?
We need to shift our thinking when it comes to how we talk about, use, monitor, and administer medicines to our children. They may see medicines as a "safe" alternative to illegal drug use. During this session, the trainer and participants will look at how we can protect our kids from the dangers of prescription and over the counter drug abuse. The trainer will discuss how we may have gotten where we are, and what we can do daily to take us closer to where we want to be.

School Resource Officer Training:

This EILA approved training focuses on topics surrounding the duties of SRO's in our schools. It covers areas such as student search, student interviews/discipline, sexting/cellphone issues and other hot topics facing schools who are fortunate enough to have the services of an SRO. The presentation delineates duties that can legally be completed by an SRO and those that should be completed by an administrator. Issues surrounding probable cause and reasonable suspicion are discussed. This training gives both the viewpoint of an SRO and the viewpoint of an administrator in addressing these issues.
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