Monday August 10th 2020

COVID-19 Safety Pledge

During this time of transition, school safety has morphed into safety in other environments. The COVID -19 Safety Pledge includes safety steps for students whether they are at home, grandma's or elsewhere. Our precious students need to think smart and know the healthy practices that will keep them safe and others. Our schools and students across Kentucky have participated and supported our Ky Safe Schools Week Pledges in the past. Now we bring you a COVID-19 Safety Pledge for school, home or anywhere. #TogetherKY #TeamKentucky

To keep Kentucky a safe place in which to learn and work, I pledge: (check if you agree)

I'll wash my hands or sanitize, which kills germs and saves lives.
I'll social distance 6' ft apart, safety first is in my heart.
When by an adult I am asked, I won't fuss, I'll wear a mask.
Without a mask if I sneeze, it's in my elbow or on my sleeve.
I won't share snacks or food, it's safety first...I'm not being rude!

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Age:      Role:
  Above 19