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Sexting is a new word in our modern lexicon born of the marriage between the words "sex" and "texting." It means sending images, via cell phone or tablet, of children or teens that are inappropriate, naked or engaged in sexual acts.

Sometimes teens share the photographs voluntarily, but at other times teens may be coerced into taking or sending the photographs. 

Once the photos are sent, some kids use them to bully, harass, intimidate, or embarrass victims online or via mobile devices.

KCSS Sexting Resources

Sexting powerpt for studentsNew! This powerpoint is to be used with middle school and high school students. It is an overview of sexting and includes a definition,  the consequences and the ramifications if caught with sexting photos.

Click here to download

This downloadable powerpoint is a brief overview of cyberbullying and sexting for school staff and parents. It defines and clarifies two types of digital media abuse.

It was used at The Marshall County Digital Citizenship Seminar.

Click here to download


Sexting: How Teens Can Stay Safe  - (National Crime Prevention Council) A reproducible handout with information for teens on the dangerous practice of sexting. "Sexting is sending sexually explicit text or photographs via mobile devices. Sometimes teens share the photographs voluntarily, but at other times teens may be coerced into taking or sending the photographs. Once the photos are sent, some kids use them to bully, harass, intimidate, or embarrass victims online or via mobile devices."
Sexting Handout - (KCSS) What is it… Sexting is the exchange of sexually suggestive messages or images between minors via cell phone. For example, a girl might take an “inappropriate” picture of herself and send it to her boyfriend. Includes five tips to staying safe.
Snap Chat - (KCSS) That Little Ghost Can Haunt You! Be careful... It might seem fun. Easy for anyone to save your snaps and forward them on without you knowing.
Selfies and Self Esteem - (KCSS) Taking a picture of yourself and posting it has become a virtual phenomena. Celebs are doing it, athletes are doing it and the President is doing it!

Sexting Tips

Think Before You Send
  • -Remember Nothing is Private on the Internet-Your Images will be shared and passed around by other. Once it is out there you have no control.
  • -When You Post to the Internet It Never Goes Away- It may seen fun and flirty and you send it on a dare, but teachers, parents, potential employers, college recruiters, coaches, friends and enemies can find you past post forever. Link to Ad Councils Video, Bulletin Board
  • -Don't Let Others Pressure You Into Something You Don't Want To Do (even Online)- 40% of teen girls say they post sexually explicit images because of "peer pressure". Take control of your own actions and say "No."
  • -What Will the Person Who Receives the Post Think - You might mean something to be a joke or funny, but they may take it as the type of person you are. Consider the real-life impression you are leaving. Could this ruin your reputation? Link to Ad Councils Video, Everyone Knows Your Name
  • -You Are Not Anonymous- 20% of the teens who post sexually suggestive images do so to people they only know on line. Remember that someone can find your email, phone number and address if they try hard enough. (The National Campaign to Prevent Teen ...Pregnancy-Tech Survey)
What Can Schools Do?
  • Educate (staff, students and parents)
  • From the National Association of School Psychologists comes an article that outlines a number of legal and practical issues concerning "sexting" at school. This article includes: Negative Consequences, Prevention, Policy and Planning, Intervention, etc. … Is Your School Prepared for a Sexting Crisis?
  • Review policies and handbook relating to AUP, digital communication and Internet abuse
    >>Kentucky School Board Association has sample policies
    - Access to Electronic Media 08.2323
    - Telecommunication Devices 09.4261
  • State consequences clearly
  • Be consistent

Sexting Resources

Ally's StoryAlly's Story Video - Second Thoughts on Sexting
Profiles a high school sophomore who suffers the consequences of sending naked photos, or sexts, to her ex-boyfriend. See below for related lesson, "Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships." Created by Common Sense Media.

Lesson: Overexposed: Sexting and RelationshipsLesson: Overexposed: Sexting and Relationships
What are the risks and responsibilities when you share online in a relationship? Students explore the risks and responsibilities of carrying out romantic relationships in the digital world. Created by Common Sense Media.

New Resources from "I love u guys" on Sexting. Resource includes videos, powerpt presentation and others items to use with schools.
The laws are very precise about child pornography. If a middle aged man is prosecuted for taking explicit pictures of a teenage girl, then he ends up on a sexual offender registry. He's the perpetrator. She's the victim. It get's a little more confusing when it's the 14 year old girl taking and sending pictures of herself...

Tips to Prevent Sexting  (Connect Safely)

Tips to Prevent Sexting (NetSmartz)

Net Cetera: Chatting with Kids About Being Online  (OnGuard Online)

Sexting Laws

  • State Sexting Laws - Cyberbullying Research Center (Sameer Hinduja, Ph.D. and Justin W. Patchin, Ph.D.) - This regularly updated fact sheet provides a brief overview and link to each of the state sexting laws.