Wednesday November 22nd 2017
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The KCSS Resource Center locates and evaluates information regarding school safety practices from KCSS research, national databases, the Internet, education journals and other resources to keep the KCSS and the citizens of Kentucky on top of current information and trends.

Various handouts, reports and links are provided below assisting interested school personnel, law enforcement officers and school safety conscious community members.


  • The Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools (REMS) Technical Assistance (TA) Center has released SITE ASSESS, their latest EOP Interactive Tool designed to support education agencies—both public and nonpublic—with emergency management and emergency operations plan (EOP) development.
  • Report: Less Than 1 Percent of Students Broke Laws – May 1, 2017 – West Kentucky Star - RICHMOND, KY - The Kentucky Center for School Safety (KCSS) has released its 2015-16 School Safety Data Report examining law violations committed in Kentucky’s public schools during the previous school year. …

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Administrators' Resources: How Can Schools Cope with Tragedy?  School Social Work Association of America - Resources to assist in working with students, schools, families and communities following a heartbreaking event.  Also included materials helpful for crisis response planning and prevention as well as links to numerous organizations that can also provide help.   

Helping Kids During Crisis   American School Counselor Association - Many resources are listed to help during a crisis - websites, webinars, sample documents, publications, etc.

Updated School Safety Requirements for Schools

SB 8/HB 354 GuideThe Kentucky General Assembly passed Senate Bill 8, and HB 354 which changes Kentucky’s current emergency plan law (KRS 158.163), took effect on June 25, 2013. The bills expand the current law by requiring schools and districts to include community first responders in their emergency plans, and present an opportunity for review and refinement of current emergency and safety practices through continuous improvement. These bills are a logical step taken after recent tragic events occurring in our nation’s schools, ranging from intruders to tornadoes, and focus our attention once again on our goals and efforts to keep our students and staff safe.

As part of implementation for SB8/HB354, KDE has developed a set of assurances that will be monitored through the district Comprehensive District Improvement Plan (CDIP). The Assurances hyperlink will allow you to preview the assurances for both the district and school that will be uploaded into the CDIP/CSIP this fall. Schools should review and refine their current Emergency Plan then share with their school council for adoption annually. Adoption by the school council must occur prior to completing assurances in CDIP and no later than November 1st.

The Kentucky Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design Checklist for school construction  is to be used in compliance with KRS 158.447.  This is now a part of the BG-1 process. It is designed to create open discussion among school district officials, board member and licensed design professionals (aka architects) when they begin planning for new construction or renovation projects in a school district.

Download New School Safety Regulations Training Resources:


Incident Reporting Forms

Incident Report forms are here for planning purposes from various resources and other states.

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