Alternative Education Training

KCSS School Safety Associates Program

The KCSS has identified successful Kentucky practitioners who are ready and willing to provide on-site technical assistance for alternative education programs in a variety of areas:

  • Getting Started
    • Fact-finding data analysis and goal setting
    • Defining program philosophy, target population and setting school climate
  • Environment
  • Screening/Placement activities as well as strategies for successful transitions into/out of the program
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Behavior Management
  • Social Skills
  • Program and Classroom Evaluation
  • Parent and Community Involvement
  • Interagency Collaboration (health, human services, juvenile justice, community-based services, mental health, etc.)
  • Staff/Professional Development and training/certification
  • Public Relations/Public Image
  • Funding and resource development
  • Leadership Roles/Responsibilities (relationships with school/district leaders, alternative education, administration)
  • Special Education: implications for alternative ed program and students
  • The relationship with the regular school
  • Dynamic change in both short- and long-term

For more information or to schedule a training for your school contact Dan Orman at 502-783-1449, cell 502-424-8652 or email to