Next Week is Kentucky Safe Schools Week, October 17-23, 2021 “BE A SAFETY STAR”

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From the desk of Karen McCuiston, Kentucky Center for School Safety Resource Center Director

Hey Safety Buddies,

You are all working so hard to make this school year the best it can be in so many diverse ways in such challenging circumstances, and yet so many of you are taking the time to support the Ky Safe Schools Week Pledge! Above all else, safety is our first priority and it starts with each student and staff member in our school district. Over 5,000 students, staff, educators and community members have taken the pledge and we are asking the rest of you to join us!


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Thanks so much!

Karen McCuiston
KCSS Resource Director

OVER 5,000 Pledges!!!
Next Week is Kentucky Safe Schools Week,
“BE A SAFETY STAR” October 17- 23, 2021.

It’s October Bullying Prevention Month and Kentucky Center for School Safety is proud to announce Kentucky Safe Schools Week is set for October 17-23, 2021. This year’s theme is “Be a Safety Star” and the focus will be on the multi-faceted brilliance of what it means to be a SAFETY STAR in school and in life. From acts of kindness and respectfulness to following all safety rules and guidelines, being a true SAFETY STAR includes shining bright in all these areas. These outstanding students put others first without focusing on themselves.

Kindness, respectfulness and support of others are all characteristics of a SAFETY STAR. During COVID 19 and beyond new safety guidelines including masking, washing hands and distancing are protocols to keep schools safe. Safety drills, such as lockdown and evacuation, need to be conducted with rigor and purpose to maintain a safe environment. The students who follow the rules, support others in need, show kindness and respect to all are truly, bright shining… SAFETY STARS! Our Kentucky Safe Schools Week Webpage ( offers resources and materials to promote safety and character during this unsettling time.

Join us and participate in this year’s campaign “Be a Safety Star” in your school, home and community. Take the online “Safety Star Pledge.”

Safety Star Pledge

I pledge to:

𝗦hare, care and spread kindness everywhere I go.
𝗧reat everyone with the respect, we all deserve!
𝗔bide by all school safety rules.
𝗥ise up and shine, helping others who need support.

During Safe Schools Week the KCSS website supplies a variety of teaching aids along with the online pledge and Kentucky Safe Schools Week Tool Kit loaded with resources, lessons and ideas. Resources will also be available for school administrators and others at

The Kentucky “Be a Safety Star” campaign is sponsored by the Kentucky Center for School Safety. This observance coincides with the national campaign. America’s Safe Schools Week is sponsored by the National School Safety Center. “If ever there was a time in our country’s history to have all educators, certified and classified, work with kids to emphasize human kindness…it’s now! The STAR program this year emphasizes: Kindness, Respect, Following School Rules and Helping others. In this day and time, I cannot think of better messages to send to kids and adults alike. The Golden Rule comes to mind… So with all of that said, I’m asking all educators in our state to jump on board and make sure everyone, students and staff as well, take the School Safety Pledge. Which is essentially reminding everyone that it’s “OK” to be nice and help others!” said Jon Akers, Executive Director, KCSS.

SSW Toolkit

Safe School Weeks Promotional Materials/Classroom Handouts

Safe Schools Week Classroom Resources


Join the safe school’s campaign across Kentucky and take the “BE A SAFETY STAR” PLEDGE! Spread kindness, treat others with respect, abide by safety rules and support others! Shine bright and help make our schools safe, caring communities!

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Celebrate Kentucky Safe Schools Week with schools across Kentucky Oct 17-23, 2021! “BE A SAFETY STAR!”