Monday November 12th 2018
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Kentucky Center for School Safety
Toll-free: 877-805-4277

The Resource Center of the Kentucky Center for School Safety responds to requests for information by researching a wide scope of materials, contacts and information relevant to school violence prevention and safety issues. However, some requests may require referral to a KCSS partner or outside agency for specific or detailed information.

For KCSS staff contact information, click here.

Discussion Groups or Listservs

KySafe Discusses general school safety issues
KyALT Discusses alternative education in Kentucky

Distribution List

If you would like to be added to a distribution list for e-mail updates on trainings, conferences, grants or other pertinent information, reply to the following with contact information.

Please include your country, state, school district or school when appropriate and your interest in school safety.

The staff at the Kentucky Center for School Safety hopes to hear from you.