Monday November 12th 2018
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Classroom Management

Classroom management seems to entail many aspects of the actual teaching environment. Educators have various definitions and many researchers feel that classroom management highly affects the extent of classroom behavior. Wikipedia, the leading user-contributed encyclopedia states that classroom management is a term used by many teachers to describe the process of ensuring that classroom lessons run smoothly despite disruptive behavior by students. The term also implies the prevention of disruptive behavior. It is possibly the most difficult aspect of teaching for many teachers and indeed experiencing problems in this area causes some to leave teaching altogether.

Right-Reading together at McNabb Elementary, Paducah Independent School District.

Classroom Management Resources

NEA: Classroom Management Resources contains a variety of useful articles, quizzes, and tips.

Classroom Management Ideas for Elementary School shows what other teachers are doing with up-to-date charts and graphs. Hundreds of teachers from across the country participated in this ProTeacher-sponsored survey. Dozens of graphs illustrate what teachers are doing in their classrooms and how they think about this critical aspect of classroom management...

Management Tips for New Teachers - NEA - Classroom management -- managing both student behavior and the physical learning environment -- is an ongoing concern of all teachers. … Here are four areas of classroom management to get a teacher started ...

Teaching Secrets: Creating Positive Classroom Management - Edweek Teacher - by Marti Schwartz - Classroom management issues are often the biggest impediment to learning for the novice teacher and even seasoned veterans. …

Importance of School Climate:  Research Brief  -  NEA - What is school climate, why does it matter, how do you measure it and how do you improve it? This includes research-based, student-centered, staff-involving resources for educators.  

19 Big and Small Classroom Management Strategies – Edutopia -   … classroom management depends on conscientiously executing a few big strategies and a lot of little ones.

Six helpful classroom management apps for teachers ...  - eSchool News - Mobile apps aren't just for students. Teachers check out this sampling of classroom management apps …

 Awareness and Prevention Resources - American Federation of Teachers - A list of fourteen programs for non-violence, bullying prevention, aggressive behavior, non-violent communication, etc. ...

Department of Education Releases Resources on Improving School Climate  - United States Department of Education - Free - The ED School Climate Surveys (surveys) and the Quick Guide on Making School Climate Improvements will enable states, local school districts, and individual schools to collect and act on reliable, nationally-validated school climate data in real-time. These  free and adaptable resources will enable educators, administrators, and school system leaders to understand and create environments where every child can be successful. …